Bigfoot Falls Short DNA and Bigfoot, Himself, Remain Elusive

Recently, news about the presence of Bigfoot, a half-ape, half-human mythological animal, resurfaced. This time, the people that testify the presence of the creature have Bigfoot DNA samples with them. Inning accordance with them, the Bigfoot DNA examples were taken from the remains of the animal discovered depending on the woodlands of northern Georgia.

They also provided 3 fuzzy images of the animal put inside a container appearing like a fridge. Nonetheless, they did not disclose the exact place where they took the picture and also where they saved the cadaver of the supposed creature, saying that they were protecting it from possible injuries. They have actually fixed that the evasive Bigfoot disappears evasive which it actually exists. Therefore, that was their story.

However, scientific research informs us that they are wrong. The two Bigfoot DNA examples they secured were examined as well as evaluated by a scientist in California. As well as the outcome – one was a DNA example from a human, and also the various other one was from a woodland mammal (the dimension of a cat) called marsupial. Keeping that claimed, the claimed Bigfoot DNA samples are no much less than an effort to earn a stir in the media.

The two defended their insurance claim as well as still dealt with that the Bigfoot DNA examples they protected were actually drawn from the animal’s body. Just like the result that the samples were from the DNA of a human and an opossum, they asserted that those were probably the creatures eaten by the Bigfoot before it died; hence, affecting the Bigfoot DNA.

Today, they are still claiming the existence of the evasive creature amidst the negation of science. While others still think the existence of Bigfoot, others take the rejection of the alleged Bigfoot DNA as adequate to earn them believe that the creature is non-existent. Why do not the two originators simply bring the claimed Bigfoot’s carcass to the general public to make sure that Bigfoot sightings physician could extensively and professionally verify whether it’s truly a remains of the Bigfoot or not. The Bigfoot DNA they provided is as good as inutile if they can not bring the remains to the public.

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